Posted on Oct 8, 2018

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Houston Landscape Design In 7 Core Elements
At Houston Landscaping Source we are dedicated to bringing you the best in landscape design, and our Houston landscape designers are always on the cutting edge to bring you the best that we have to offer. Peruse our services page to get an overview of what we can do, and our about us page to get to know us a little better. in this article, we’ll let you know what we look to accomplish in a general sense for most projects, though this is by no means the entire bag of tricks!

1) Color
Color plays a central role in all good Houston landscape design. Color motivates and unifies your design, and it does the lion’s share of establishing the mood your work creates. Be imaginative in finding places to use color. Color doesn’t come solely from plants; your hardscape element (retaining walls, pavers, fences, etc) can contribute too. Keep the basics of Color Theory in mind when picking and combining colors. Specific color combinations are widely regarded as more harmonious and pleasing to the eye than others.

Here are the categories that relate colors together according to Color Theory:
Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Secondary Colors: Green, Orange, Purple
Tertiary Colors: Any color created by mixing a primary color with a secondary one
Neutral Shades: White, Gray, Silver
2) Scale
The scale is how your plants and the other elements of your design relate to each other on your property.

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