Posted on Sep 6, 2018

Houston Landscaping Source

Houston Landscaping Source Teaches You How To Prevent And Control Lawn Diseases

Houston Landscaping Source: How To Manage Lawn Diseases

Just like a typical vegetable garden, your grass lawn is vulnerable to weeds and disease problems. Although most of these do not have severe damage to the lawn, controlling weed and disease problem is relatively easy as well. It is by controlling/preventing these weeds that the grass grows healthy and strong. Houston Landscaping Source lists some of the common lawn diseases below.

1. Red Thread

Red Thread is a fungal disease commonly found in nitrogen-deficient lawns. Brown patches on the lawn characterize this disease and mainly strikes in wet summer days as well as during autumn. The fungus responsible, Laetisaria fuciformis, doesn’t, however, kill the grass entirely though leaves patches on the grass, which however recovers with proper treatment and lawn preparation. The affected patches of the grass or the grass itself have a reddish tinge which later turns bleached out or light-brown, and in most instances binds the leaves together. The patches, however, vary from 7.5 – 25cm in diameter, though can grow as the infection progresses.

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