Enhance Your Houston Building With A Beautiful Rooftop Garden

Adding a lush outdoor retreat to your urban building is the ideal way to escape the industrial feeling of being surrounded by concrete, steel, and glass. Unfortunately, finding garden space in the center of a developed urban area is p...

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Tree Stump Removal In The Fall

Is your landscape filled with tree stumps? If so, fall is the perfect time to remove them. If you are wondering how stumps are removed, we have the inside information. However, you should never try to remove them yourself. Continue reading to learn about stump grin...

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The Many Benefits Of Using Tree Growth Regulator Products

We all love old, huge majestic trees, but smaller is usually better. This is especially when it comes to putting trees on commercial properties. Do you have trees that are close to your building or trees located on parking lot islands tha...

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Landscaping In Houston – Soil Prep For Plants
Soil Preparation For Planting

The soil is one of the key components in planting due to its nutrient-rich profile. It acts as a powerful solution for Plants and other Houston landscaping focal points. Here are some of the tips to look into while devel...

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How To Choose The Right Houston Landscape Designer For Your Home
Years ago, Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem titled “The Glory Of The Garden”. The basic concept of the poem is that you need to be willing to put in hard work if you want to be able to enjoy a beautiful garden. Of course, he said it muc...

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Get Your Landscape Design Project Off The Ground!
Do you need to revamp your current landscape? Do you simply want to improve upon what you have? If so, you may not know what to do to get things off the ground. A designer may be able to help you, but you still need a starting place. There are a l...

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Houston Landscape Design In 7 Core Elements
At Houston Landscaping Source we are dedicated to bringing you the best in landscape design, and our Houston landscape designers are always on the cutting edge to bring you the best that we have to offer. Peruse our services page to get an overview of w...

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A Detailed Look At How Being A Gardener Differs From Being A Landscaper In Houston
For many people, there is a bit of confusion about how being a gardener is different than being a landscaper. Even though it may seem like these careers are the same, there are actually some key differences that se...

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Houston Landscaping Source Teaches You How To Prevent And Control Lawn Diseases

Houston Landscaping Source: How To Manage Lawn Diseases

Just like a typical vegetable garden, your grass lawn is vulnerable to weeds and disease problems. Although most of these do not have severe damage to the lawn...

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Houston Landscaping

  • Houston Landscaping

    Over the years, landscaping companies in Houston have come and gone. Our company, Houston Landscaping Source, however, has remained. With decades of experience in the Houston area, we are one of the most well-recognized landscaping companies in the region.One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we love what we do. Landscaping is more than just a job – it is an art form. One of the joys of working in this field is helping clients achieve their vision with their outdoor space. Our primary focus is on providing excellent customer service. We make quality our top priority and believe in the value of creating long-lasting relationships with our business customers.We appreciate you stopping by and are excited to help you with your future landscaping projects. Please reach out to us if you have questions that you would like answered or if you want to talk about your landscaping needs in further detail.Call Us Today @ (281) 994-9844
  • Landscape Design and Installation

    For the initial consultation our Houston landscaping service will arrange a time to meet up with you at your property for discussing your landscaping requirements. We will walk your property with you listen to your ideas, analyze the areas that require work, and take measurements and notes. If you would like us to design a plan and then prepare a proposal, you will need to provide a copy of your plot plan. Some jurisdictions demand a copy of the plot before you can obtain a permit and the survey provides all the details we require to draw the design. We don’t require a fee before preparing the design and proposal and it typically takes 2 weeks to complete. Should a copy of the design be required before you make a commitment on the project, a price quote will be provided for the design cost at the time of the project.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Contracting

    One of our favorite construction projects is Houston outdoor kitchens. Your outdoor kitchen or outdoor living area can be built with a patio cover or without one. There are other options of having a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. We have expert project developers on staff that have extensive experience that will work with you closely in order to have a custom-designed kitchen designed that will seamlessly blend in with the exterior of your home. You can choose stone, brick, stucco, granite, tile or concrete counters. We always use a high-quality framework underneath. We use tubular steel framing and fiber-cement sheathing to construct all of the outdoor kitchens that we build to provide you with a durable, non-expansive and heat-proof foundation. We strongly believe that Houston outdoor kitchens make a great addition to any home, or covered patio anywhere in Texas. Houston outdoor kitchens come equipped with both exterior and interior light features to create various layers of decora
  • Drainage And Irrigation

    For over thirty years, Houston Landscaping Source has assisted our clients with keeping their lawns green and lush with sprinkler systems that are professionally installed in order to eliminate any guesswork regarding balanced watering. The high-quality sprinkler systems that we use withstand the harsh weather and stand the test of time so that you can focus on more important things in your life. Our experienced installation team will set your sprinkler heads up properly below your landscaping so that you can safely mow and sprinkler system programs for you according to specific irrigation zones for precisely targeting water distribution. We position each sprinkler head carefully so that it ensures you water only living things – and not your street, driveway or sidewalk. In order to get your system installed with minimal disruption and damage we use the most recent irrigation technology.
  • Synthetic Turf And Artificial Grass

    If you would like a professional installer of synthetic grass Houston several but we are the best. Artificial or Synthetic Grass is a surface made from synthetic fibers that mimic the look and feel of natural grass. It is commonly used in sports arenas where games were normally or originally played on grass. However, Synthetic Grass is currently being used in various commercial and residential lawn applications such as patios, roof decks, golf greens, play areas, pet areas, and landscapes. Synthetic grass is preferred because of maintenance. It is capable of standing up to heavy use such as for sports and does not require any trimming or irrigation. Our clients save thousands of dollars that they normally would spend on utilities and care while conserving water, which is a precious resource. We offer synthetic grass Houston as well as putting greens for commercial and residential synthetic grass markets. We are a professional synthetic grass Houston Company that stays current!
  • Pavers, Pavestone & Flagstone

    Having a well-designed patio can help make your outdoor space far more functional and attractive. In a way, it acts as an outdoor room, providing an area where you can gather together with your loved ones to enjoy the peace and serenity of the outdoors. Whether you are looking for a place where you can kick back and relax or are planning on holding parties and get-togethers, a patio can be the perfect solution. Our experts are capable of designing beautiful patios made from a variety of different materials, allowing us to come up with a customized solution that will work perfectly for your home. One of the most exciting parts of planning a patio is coming up with a design. There are many different options available, depending on the materials that you decide on. For instance, if you opt for brick, you can go for an intricate basket weave pattern.
  • Patio Covers

    Professional Design Services. One challenge associated with adding a patio cover to an existing home is making sure that the cover blends beautifully with the architecture of the house. Typically, this is best accomplished by working with a professional designer. We have some of the best design experts in the Houston area on hand who can help you come up with a solution for your patio. They can visit your home and check out the area in person. They can also sit down with you and talk about what you want your finished patio area to look like. Based on your budget, they can then come up with a solution that is customized for your home and your lifestyle. Our reputation speaks for itself. We employ highly skilled professionals who have the knowledge and experience required to design beautiful patio covers for homeowners in the Houston.
  • Root Barriers

    What Type of Root Barrier do You Install? The type of root barrier we install is made from a geotextile drainage fabric material that is durable and contains trifluralin. Trifluralin is a non-systemic and effective herbicide which creates a zone around the area that is protected redirecting root growth, outside the zone, roots continue to naturally grow and the tree or plant life is not damaged. Our placement method is to trench down to horizontal zone that is naturally occurring and is root proof, the root barrier is placed in a single continuous piece into this trench and the roof barrier top finishes above ground. The barrier´s normal placement is to place it around structure, parallel and out from the structure’s footings. It is best to not surround the tree. The method that’s preferred is to place the root carrier alongside the road, path, building, etc. this way the roots from the tree are not able to access the structure.
  • Tree Care Service

    Few things can enhance your landscape as much as trees. They can provide shade on a sunny day and privacy from your neighbors. They can also increase the resale value of your home. It is important to properly care for your existing trees to keep them healthy so that they will stay standing for a long time to come. If you are looking for the best tree service Houston has to offer you have come to the right place. Our company specializes in caring for trees in accordance with the standards set forth by ANSI. All of our tree care specialists have the necessary training and certification to keep your trees as healthy and attractive as possible. Our commitment to excellence means that we are completely dedicated to helping you protect the trees around your home using the most current techniques. Services That We Offer: Tree And Shrub Pruning, Bracing Weak Trees, Removing Unwanted Trees, Protection From Lighting, Grinding Away Old Stumps, Managing Pests And Diseases, Tree Planting
  • Water Feautures

    You and your environment can be transformed by outdoor water features. The sound is mesmerizing, the movement is transparent and they provide a sensation that is cool and fresh. Outdoor water features in Houston provide a real sensory treat for all the senses – visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory. Since the beginning of time, moving water has been placed around our homes because a certain kind of magic is placed on us by water; it soothes our very beings and souls.Once you have decided to consider adding a water feature, it is important you have an understanding of the kinds that are available for your budget as well as climate zone and that is something that water fountains Houston can assist you with.Houston´s climate zone is categorized as being humid subtropical, this means that our summers are really hot and our winters are somewhat mild.


8 months ago
Very courteous, and efficient. Our last landscaping company stopped showing up, and these guys were Johnny on the spot. Fantastic lawn work, and fixed up our flowers around the house. Exceptional job.
- Michelle H
8 months ago
These guys completely turned my lawn around. Highly recommend them!!
- David F
8 months ago
Had to have the lawn at our shop cleaned up, as it started looking pretty rough. These guys were in and out, and exceeded our expectations. Great landscaping company.

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